Why is Port Coquitlam nice to live in?

Port Coquitlam is a small quiet city in suburbs of Metro Vancouver. Not only close location to the mountains but also to downtown of Vancouver makes it a living destination for many people. If you like to be  in the mountains and to enjoy occasional busy big city life, this town is a perfect match for you. Let’s take a look at it a little closer. moving to Port Coquitlam

Combination of town and nature

Small town vibe and its natural setting make Port Coquitlam one of the most scenic and inviting communities of the Lower Mainland. That is why this city is full of sports parks, off-leash dog parks, outdoors swimming pools, and biking and hiking trails. The last ones form a net that covers pretty much an entire city. So the trails connect hikers, cyclists, walkers, and just wanderers to different destinations. By the way, we should mention that this city is a birthplace of such Canadian icon as Terry Fox. moving to Port Coquitlam

Culture moving to Port Coquitlam

Rich culture and traditions attract a number of visitors. And all the ethnicities would feel welcome and safe in living in PoCo. Such events as Annual Terry Fox Hometown Run, Hyde Creek Salmon Festival, Farmer’s Market, May Day Festival (that has been happening annually for the past 94 years), and many more will keep you entertained all year round.


Port Coquitlam is a fast growing community. Which means, a good and prosperous economic climate. The main employers of the area are School District, Canadian Pacific Rail yard, and food services company Sysco. moving to Port Coquitlam


As long as commuting by car remains the main kind of transportation, the city is constantly improving its public transit. The easiest way to get to downtown of Vancouver will be via The West Coast Express. It shuttles commuters to their destination and back. moving to Port Coquitlam