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moving to Victoria

Victoria. What makes it unique?

The capital city of British Columbia, Victoria is getting more and more recognition for its breathtaking natural beauty, coffee, history and culture. Victoria movers A mishmash of landscapes, this urban-meets-nature city is home to beautiful roses at Butchart Gardens, rolling green mountains, beautiful beaches, and everything you could want from […]

moving with plant

Moving with plants

Moving with plants requires a green thumb, patience, and organization. These are all requirements when growing and tending to plants anyway, so you should have no problem! It’s important to consider the length of the journey, as this can affect the process dramatically. Local moves should not offer too many […]

relocating to Surrey

Surrey – the Fastest Growing City in BC

Because of being located so close to Vancouver, Surrey is one of the most popular places to move to. Big city lifestyle and cheaper real estate market made this place a destination for many. According to some data, there is about a thousand people move to Surrey every month. Though, […]

Why is Port Coquitlam nice to live in?

Port Coquitlam is a small quiet city in suburbs of Metro Vancouver. Not only close location to the mountains but also to downtown of Vancouver makes it a living destination for many people. If you like to be  in the mountains and to enjoy occasional busy big city life, this […]

Why is The City of Langley right for you?

Moving to Langley. Being located withing only an hour drive from down town of Vancouver, Langley City could be just the right choice for many families. Because it is a part of Metro Vancouver, you could experience quiet life of a small town while having many advantages of a big […]