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Planning and executing a move can be a taxing endeavor. Completing a relocation properly requires time and effort. Ideally, you would start planning months in advance – knowing when and where you are moving. You will need to ensure that you have adequate transportation for the journey. Additionally, depending on how much stuff needs to be moved, you will likely need some helping hands for the heavy lifting, packing and unloading. Unfortunately, not everyone can acquire those things. After all, people are busy and they have their own lives to handle. Lucky for you, Real Estate Movers is a one stop shop for all of your moving needs. We provide professional moving services to or from Port Moody that are reliable and affordable.

Real Estate Movers have all of the best tools, equipment and ideal transportation for a move of any scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial or residential moving services, whether it’s a local or long distance move, our team can help. We’ve designed our Port Moody moving services to suit your specific requirements and our professional movers always go the extra mile for your satisfaction. Real Estate Movers always aim to provide top-tier moving services – whether it’s in Port Moody or anywhere else in Canada.

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Let’s face it. Relocation is demanding work. In many circumstances, whether it’s because of a lack of resources or they lack the physical capabilities, people are unable to do a lot of the work. And while most people can deal with it, they usually don’t want to. So don’t! Real Estate Movers is a professional full service moving company!

Our expert movers can handle everything from start to finish. As a full service moving company, we are fully equipped to complete your move quickly and effectively. We take a methodical approach to every moving service. In order for a full service moving company to accomplish its objectives consistently, it needs to implement protocols and invest in proper equipment while keeping a degree of flexibility in their plans.

Real Estate Movers are the perfect combination of structure and adaptability. While we are a full service moving company, our services are tailored so that your needs are fulfilled. Meaning, if you need partial services, we’re still the top choice around.

However if you do require full service movers, our team is ready to go! Real Estate Movers can help you plan ahead and enjoy a seamless moving experience. And we can also be ready to move the very same day!

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Long Distance Moving services is our specialty!

HomeStars Award Winning Moving Company

Bringing a diverse set of services, backed by a high level work ethic has led to some recognition. Real Estate Movers are a HomeStars award winning company. But why should you care? Ultimately, it just comes down to the quality of treatment you need for your belongings. If you’re not too concerned about the well-being of your possessions, then perhaps saving as much money as possible is your priority. In which case you can hire a company that provides a lower standard relocation service.

However, the difference between a casual moving company and a professional HomeStars award winning company is night and day. For instance, Real Estate Movers is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). In order to join CAM, a moving company needs to commit to a higher standard or relocation. And that means using higher quality equipment, providing standardized services and delivering top-tier customer service.

Real Estate Movers have completed countless relocation services of the years. And we’re only getting better. The reason we are a HomeStars award winning moving company is because we use quality moving equipment. We have professional moving boxes, two of the line dollies, lifting straps and professional grade protective fabrics. Additionally, we have a fleet of trucks that will fit all of your belongings – whether it’s a large scale commercial move or a smaller residential move.

We serve all of the surrounding Vancouver communities including Abbotsford Moving Services, Burnaby Moving Services, Coquitlam Moving Services, Chilliwack Moving Services, New Westminster Moving Services, Maple Ridge Moving Services, Richmond Moving Services, Port Moody Moving Services, Langley Moving Services, Nanaimo Moving Services, Victoria Moving Services, Surrey Moving Services, and more…

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