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It is wise to research your moving company when moving inter province or even within British Columbia. We have completed hundreds of long distance moving projects, from the very small to the very large. Moreover, we understand the best ways to transport items of every description. Regardless of your destination, be it within BC or moving to any other province, you can rely on us to complete your Maple Ridge Long Distance move from start to finish. Contact our Maple Ridge Long Distance Movers team for more information on how we can be of assistance in packing and transportation options available. Maple Ridge long distance movers

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices for moving are generally based on the amount (volume) of goods you have to move. We also take into consideration the access at your pick up and delivery points and what your packing requirements are. In addition,we consider if you have any items which require special handling such as pianos. Once we have these details we are able to provide you with a price. Contact us to get a Quote Maple Ridge long distance moving however


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Maple Ridge Packing Services

Have you started to think about how and where to start with packing your home up and preparing for your long distance move? Where are you going to store all the materials prior to your long distance move? What type of packing materials will I need? Where do I purchase packing materials from? Relax and let our packing team help you with planning for your Maple Ridge long distance move.

To avoid the added burden and stress packing can bring when moving house, Real Estate Movers’ trained packing and removalist specialists can prepare your furniture and possessions for your next move. Maple Ridge long distance movers

Protect Your Precious Items

Furniture is not designed to be moved! Our Maple Ridge Long Distance Movers take all the necessary precautions to protect your possessions. However, there are many outside forces beyond our control that need to be considered when moving such as weather, accidents, vibration, shock, pressure, movement and atmospheric changes.

To ensure your peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances, we have developed a comprehensive Insurance Cover that is available to you to minimize the risk and exposure you can be subject to in the unfortunate event of an accident or major incident occurring. Maple Ridge long distance moving

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REAL ESTATE MOVERS LTD have Goods In Transit Insurance along with Public Liability Insurance. Rest assured, if our movers  are negligent and damage your property, you are fully covered. If you have any delicate or fragile items such as IKEA furniture or items that were originally flat-packed, our Local movers will try point these out to you as they might not be suitable for transport. We also recommend for events that occur outside of our control, to take our your own insurance policy.