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British Columbia to Ontario Moving

British Columbia to Ontario Moving Services

A move from British Columbia to Ontario, or vice versa, can be daunting. You will be crossing three timezones and three different provinces in between – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Flying from BC’s Vancouver to Ontario’s Toronto will take 6 hours. Driving will require at least 40 hours. How Different […]

Maple Ridge Moving Services

Maple Ridge Moving Services

Real Estate Movers is ready to serve all your moving needs in Maple Ridge. Are you moving inter-province, intra-province, or even across town? Is it your business or your home that you want to relocate? Call us today for a free quote for all your Maple Ridge relocation requirements! Why […]

moving services in Vancouver

Vancouver Moving Services

Moving Apartment in Vancouver, BC For a typical one or two bed apartment Vancouver moving services, we can usually provide a quote over the phone. One and two bed apartment moves usually require just a light truck and either one or two men. The duration of a typical apartment move […]

moving with plant

Moving with plants

Moving with plants requires a green thumb, patience, and organization. These are all requirements when growing and tending to plants anyway, so you should have no problem! It’s important to consider the length of the journey, as this can affect the process dramatically. Local moves should not offer too many […]

Why is Port Coquitlam nice to live in?

Port Coquitlam is a small quiet city in suburbs of Metro Vancouver. Not only close location to the mountains but also to downtown of Vancouver makes it a living destination for many people. If you like to be  in the mountains and to enjoy occasional busy big city life, this […]

Why is The City of Langley right for you?

Moving to Langley. Being located withing only an hour drive from down town of Vancouver, Langley City could be just the right choice for many families. Because it is a part of Metro Vancouver, you could experience quiet life of a small town while having many advantages of a big […]